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AIRSIM User Tips

If you have purchased a AIRSIM, please remember to purchase the data package in Mobile App AIRSIM ROAM before use.
You can plug in your AIRSIM into the mobile phone and check if it can log into the network before departure, this can ensure the SIM card is in working condition. However please remove the AIRSIM from the mobile phone when it is not in use.
Upon arrival of your destination, insert your AIRSIM into the mobile phone and wait for 3 minutes, AIRSIM will transform into a local SIM.
During these 3 minutes, the signal bar will change from having signal to no signal. In a short moment there should be a mobile operator name and signal displayed again, you can try to use the data service then.
If you cannot use the data service or access the network, please restart the mobile phone again, and switch ON/OFF flight mode once. AIRSIM will search for the network again. Please make sure the APN setting is correct.
iPhone user please go to [Settings] > [General] and check if any description profile installed. If so, please remove it as it affects the auto APN function.
For Dual SIM handset users, please insert AIRSIM into SIM Slot 1 and make sure the data service is assigned to SIM 1.
The signal around the border is complicated. You are recommended to use AIRSIM after leaving the border.
If you still cannot use the data service, please restart the mobile phone, and switch on / off flight mode once. If you cannot connect to the 4G network (if applicable), please go to setup, in mobile network, select 3G and wait for about 10 seconds, then switch back to 4G network.
If the mobile phone cannot connect to the network, please try to take out the SIM card and insert again. The SIM slots in some dual SIM handset support different frequency bands, please insert AIRSIM into another SIM Slot and try again.
AIRSIM is reusable. You can purchase data service via our AIRSIM ROAM Mobile App before your trip next time.
All purchased data packages can be used from 14 days before the selected effective date and within 30 days from the selected effective date.
Except for 24/48 Hours Data Package, the daily data usage time is from Hong Kong time (GMT+8) 00:00:00 to 23:59:59. There is no pro-rata calculation regardless of the activation time of data service. 24/48 Hours Data Package is a continuous 24/48-hour session starting from service activation.
AIRSIM works on unlocked mobile phones or tablets such as iPAD only, but not compatible with pocket WiFi device (MiFi). You can use data sharing (Tethering) on your mobile phone or tablet if applicable.
Most oversea mobile operators have Fair Usage Policy (FUP). You are recommended to disable the software auto-update function, and use free WiFi for activities that require high data usage.
You need to turn on data roaming function of your mobile phone in order to use AIRSIM at your destination. There is no roaming charge involved. But whenever you remove the AIRSIM or switch to other SIM card, please remember to turn off data roaming function of your mobile phone in order to avoid unnecessary roaming charges.
AIRSIM provides mobile data service . With AIRTALK ROAM Mobile App, you can make calls to destination country and call back home, and receive Hong Kong calls when you are overseas (Applicable to Hong Kong mobile numbers only).
The expiry date of AIRSIM will be extended 1 year automatically from the date of any purchase of data package. AIRSIM will be expired if you have not purchased any data package in 1 year.
If you are still having problem after checking the above possibilities, please contact us
Service Hotline : + 84(0)86-891-0064 Email : info@airsim.com.vn Facebook : AIRSIM VIETNAM
Address : 700, Vo Nguyen Giap street, My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city, Vietnam
( Monday to Friday 09 : 00 - 17 : 30, Saturday 09 : 00 - 12 : 00, Sunday and public day : Close )


Simply with one AIRSIM card, you can enjoy data service in more than 110 countries.
You do not need to pay the expensive roaming charge, or spend time on buying local SIM cards.

Email : info@airsim.com.vn - Phone : +84(0)86-891-0064

Address: 700, Vo Nguyen Giap street, My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city, Vietnam

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